Grade 3-5

Grades 3–5

These activities will help learners practice mathematic and science skills while exploring a variety of foods.

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Grade 6-8

Grades 6–8

These activities will engage learners by exploring foods at a higher level through a mathematic and scientific lens.

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Higher Education

Higher Education

These activities will provide a foundation for those who want to explore the science behind food and cooking.

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FoodMASTER is bringing learning to life.

  • The program is designed in a teacher-friendly and student-friendly format.
    — Robert Maher, Amesville Elementary, Amesville, OH
  • These labs made a real connection to something rather than just measuring lines in our books. Ex. Learning circumference and length by measuring potatoes and carrots.

    — Kyle Lonas, East Elementary, Athens, OH
  • The hands-on approach offers all students the chance to succeed and the use of food acts as a motivational tool for learning.

    — Julie Hall, Barlow-Vincent Elementary, Vincent, OH
  • Great classroom community experience!

    — Bonnie Owens, Eastern Elementary, Reedsville, OH
  • This food curriculum expands beyond just health and nutrition by including math and science applications.

    — Debbie Pratt, Eastern Elementary, Reedsville, OH
  • My students absolutely loved FoodMASTER. It was a very motivating learning tool that reinforced our third grade standards.

    — Jan Slattery, Plains Elementary, Plains, OH
  • Not only are the lessons standard based but they use food to motivate the student and teacher!

    — Elizabeth Schwarzel, Morrison Elementary, Athens, OH
  • The hands-on curriculum provides clear lab instructions, while allowing flexibility in learning. Students will have the freedom to explore math and science concepts within their own learning abilities and parameters.

    — Teresa Stoops, Waterford Elementary, Waterford, OH
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FoodMASTER Funding

The FoodMASTER Initiative and programing would not be possible without the support of federal sponsorship. Because of these grant funds, FoodMASTER has not only been supported for development, but is available for free for anyone one to benefit!

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The FoodMASTER Initiative

With a need for authentic, real-world, science education opportunities for underserved youth, two educators formed a partnership that led to the creation of a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program called the FoodMASTER Initiative.

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Take a Look at Our Lab Demonstrations

Every chapter of our middle school curriculum includes videos for what to expect in each lab available on YouTube and as a direct MP4 download.

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