FoodMASTER Food and Nutrition Cards

If you’re looking for a way to integrate mathematics and science into any learning program, try FoodMASTER Food & Nutrition Cards! This resource is designed to help you present concepts with fun, hands-on food activities. Preparation is simple and downloads are FREE thanks to SEPA sponsorship!

Food and nutrition card activities explore nine core FoodMASTER topics: measurement, food safety, vegetables, fruits, grains, protein, dairy, fats & oils, and meal management. Activities are geared toward grades 3 – 5, but adaptable for grades 6 – 8 as well! 

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About FoodMASTER Resources

Welcome to the FoodMASTER! These resources were developed by FoodMASTER with funding from the National Institutes of Health: Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) to present students of all ages with ten basic topics in foods to help develop mathematic and science skills.

What does it take to be a FoodMASTER?

Are you enthusiastic enough to be a FoodMASTER? The hands-on FoodMASTER activities in this curriculum do take the commitment of a special teacher who is willing to take the extra time to bring food and supplies into the classroom. It also requires that teachers manage their classrooms in a more open fashion that they may not be accustomed to.

However, if you desire to see science come to life for your students, you will find this method very enjoyable, rewarding and satisfying. Previous work with the FoodMASTER method indicated that 85% of the students repeated one or more of the activities at home! You will be filled with satisfaction when you see students applying real-life science in the classroom and as you hear students share their stories of food lab cooking at home.