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FoodMASTER (Food, Mathematics and Science Teaching Enhancement Resource) is a compilation of programs aimed at using food as a tool to teach mathematics and science.

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About FoodMASTER Curriculum

FoodMASTER Science and Mathematic curriculum is available for elementary grades three through five, middle school grades six through eight, high school, and higher education including high school and adult learners. The curriculum format and activities are tailored for each age group to address science and mathematics learning standards and include proficiency questions.

The curricular material was developed based on educators needs, evaluated through a pilot program and thoroughly reviewed by an advisory panel. Activities require affordable food, supplies, and equipment, and have been tested and revised based on feedback from teachers in our pilot programs. The curriculum also reinforces healthy food selection, encourages reading comprehension, and includes take home activities for children and families to complete together.

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Elementary Science

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Elementary Mathematics

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Middle School Science

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High School Mathematics

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Higher Education

The FoodMASTER Theory

It is our theory that students will be better prepared to demonstrate and apply mathematic and scientific knowledge because they encounter food on a daily basis and have preexisting contextual experiences preparing them for learning new and relevant mathematics and science material.

What makes food such a great teaching tool?

Food is conducive to hands-on and virtual, inquiry-based, active learning that uses multiple senses to engage students in the learning process. Utilizing food allows for an interdisciplinary approach to learning concepts and ideas in a variety of scientific subjects like biology, chemistry, microbiology, nutrition, health, and more! Additionally, food labs are a dynamic way to teach mathematics concepts such as numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement and problem solving.

What are the benefits of using FoodMASTER curriculum?

The knowledge and skill development that can be inspired by the FoodMASTER approach is limitless. Proper use of measurement tools, data collection and interpretations, application and generalization, classification and organization, graphing and comparative analysis, understanding chemical changes, observing functions of ingredients and controlling variables, pricing, critical thinking, self-directed learning and team building are only a few of the potential knowledge and skill development areas for intermediate grade students experiencing FoodMASTER’s mathematics and science investigation labs.

FoodMASTER curriculum is available as free downloads on this website. Just visit any the program pages to download today.

Order professionally printed books ranging from $13.00 – $65.00 based on quantity and program. Shipping is additional. Contact Chris Haas at Hub-Remsen Print Group for a quote: 815-562-7057 or chrishaas@hub-remsen.com.

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